Where is Medsugar Wound Clinic located?

Attwood Green Health Centre
30 Bath Row, Birmingham
B15 1LZ
United Kingdom

What type of wounds do Medsugar clinic treat

We manage and treat the following
• Non-healing surgical wounds
• Pressure ulcers
• Burns
• Diabetic foot ulcers
• Cuts and bruises
• Venous leg ulcers
• Abscesses
• Septic wounds

Who will I see when I visit the Clinic?

Dr Murandu works with a team of specialist nurses who he trained to work with wound sugar therapy. Depending on the complexity of your wound you may see Dr Murandu or one of the specialist nurses.

Who will be treating my wound?

Dr. Murandu or one of the specialist nurses will take your medical history and assess your wound on the initial visit. They will discuss with you detailed care plan and management of the wound. On the following visits a specialist nurse will do your dressings. Depending on the size, location and depth of the wound you might need regular reviews with Dr Murandu.

How long will it take my wound to heal?

There is no definite answer for how long it will take a wound to heal. However, tests over the past four years have proven the therapy to be effective in reducing healing times for open wounds, reducing smells and relieving long term pain. You need to be aware that certain diseases like diabetes, venous deficiencies, or other medical conditions – may make healing time slower. It is also important that you maintain your wound healing process at home and follow the instructions we give you so that your wound will heal successfully (and promptly!).

What types of treatments will Medsugar use to heal my wound?

We apply medicated sugar treatment that help kill and control the bacteria that build up on the wound. There is a wide variety of dressings to cover the wound we use depending on the type and location of the wound.

Why should I choose Medsugar Clinic and is it based on research?

You should choose Medsugar because our heart is truly in treating your wound as best as possible. We strongly believe that if we can treat your wound as best as we know how, you will eventually see improvement. We are very passionate about our patients, and we believe that the sugar treatment is a groundbreaking research which is evidence based and to date has proved to be effective with almost 99% improved outcomes. At Medsugar we believe in commitment to our patients as a cornerstone of what we do. As a team we will build on our commitment to improve the core and experience of our patients. The team puts its emphasis on compassion and that’s how we give care through relationships based on empathy, respect and dignity. Dr Murandu is continuing to conduct various research studies looking for other alternative best treatments for patients with wound problems. He is an international award winner for his research on sugar therapy.
In 2009 he won the Foundation Le Lois Research Award,
In 2017 Dr Murandu was awarded the following awards
-International Journal of wound care, “Best research in a developing country.
– Honoured for his work on wound care at Maluti Adventist College of Nursing in Lesotho
– Award by Journal of wound care on “Patient Wellbeing.”
With all these honours Dr Murandu and his team continues to remain committed to provide the best patient centered care service that is individualized and unique. Also, our approach to wound care is unique – we are unaware of any other clinic that uses sugar treatment approach to wound care.

What do I need to bring when I visit the Medsugar wound clinic?

A referral letter which can be downloaded from our website. Your GP will fill in details of your past medical history, wound history, current medications and social history. We encourage patients to wear loose clothing on affected areas to make it easy for an assessment or dressing to be done.

How long will my consultation visit take?

Visits may usually take no more than 30-60 minutes. Initial visit may take longer due to assessments. We believe that your personal time is valuable, and we want you to be cared for quickly and efficiently.

How many times will I have to visit?

Ideally a minimum of twice a week. Depending on the severity of the wound, more visits may be necessary.

What is the atmosphere like at Medsugar Wound Clinic

The atmosphere at Medsugar Wound Clinic is very comforting. We care deeply about your concerns, fears, and health. We want to reassure you that you are in the right place to get the best care possible for your wound.

How much will it cost to be treated?

Prices will be determined by the severity and complexity of your wound. All wounds need an assessment first before pricing.

Clinic Address

Attwood Green Health Centre,

30, Bath Row


United Kingdom.

B15 1LZ